Sonoran Sun Hot Sauce Powder

Experience the fiery glow of the desert sun with our Sonoran Sun Hot Sauce Powder—where bold flavors meet a sizzling spice adventure! Limited Edition.
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Sonoran Sun Hot Sauce Powder
Sonoran Sun Hot Sauce Powder
Sonoran Sun Hot Sauce Powder
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The Sonoran Sun Hot Sauce Powder's fiery fusion ignites taste buds with a burst of robust flavors and an exhilarating blaze. Crafted with precision, this scorching blend offers a balance of smoky peppers and spices, creating a symphony of heat that leaves a lasting impression.  Get yours while supplies last.  


Certified Organic Mississippi Sport Peppers: These zesty peppers, sourced from Curry Seed and Chile Farm, infuse a tangy brightness and heat, a key component in this vibrant blend.

Organically Grown Sante Fe Yellow Peppers: From Aguiar Farm, these yellow peppers bring a delightful sweetness and a hint of warmth that complements the overall profile.

Certified Organic White Onions: Peri and Sons' white onions offer depth and savory layers to the mix, enhancing its complexity.

Organically Grown Chocolate Habaneros: Harvested from Hill Country Hot Peppers, these chocolate habaneros impart a distinctive smokiness and a bold, intense heat.

Certified Organic Garlic: Peri and Sons' organic garlic adds a rich, earthy undertone, amplifying the depth of flavors in this fiery concoction.


Versatile and spirited, the Sonoran Sun Hot Sauce Powder elevates dishes effortlessly. Add a sprinkle to your culinary creations for a spicy and smoky punch. Perfect for dry rubs, marinades, sauces, and any dish where you crave an exhilarating kick of heat and flavor.


This hot sauce powder packs a potent punch. Exercise caution and use sparingly to avoid overwhelming heat. Handle with care and savor the fiery essence responsibly.

Take your taste buds on a flavorful journey with the Sonoran Sun, and unlock a new level of heat and complexity that'll keep you craving for more!

Crafted with Care:

Produced with meticulous attention and crafted from organically sourced produce, this blend is a testament to quality and taste. Proudly created in the heart of Arizona by Shawn Packham (#11006) in a home kitchen from fresh ingredients. While our kitchen may process common food allergens, ensuring your culinary experience is of utmost importance. Although not subject to public health inspections, we uphold stringent quality standards for your gourmet delight.

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